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Second attendance at rehearsal of Celebration of the Deep

The conductor Cayenna led a fun and moving rehearsal of my piece this last Wednesday - for one thing she had the woodwinds sitting in front of the second violins and violas - it was great to hear their parts sounding from ahead of the inner strings.  I like how she changes things up in interesting and educational ways.  Educational for me, at least!

The ICO started playing from the middle of the piece, what I think of as the climactic full section, and proceeded to the end.  When they got to the melody of the deep part that comes in towards the end out of quietness, out of all the commotion that came before, tears came to my eyes!  I hope that other listeners will be moved by this piece as well.

In case you wondered, it is hard for me to feel responsible for any of this beauty.  Yes I remember writing down lots of stuff, working hard on the score, listening inside for inspiration and correction and making the flow of music true to some sort of inner compass.  But the final result?  Th…